Sunday, March 23, 2008

Girls Rock

Two weeks ago, I went to see the film Girls Rock. It is a documentary about a girls-only, Portland, OR-based, rock and roll camp. It follows the 2005 camp week and specifically, follows 5-6 girls closely. The girls' ages range from 7-17. They are amazingly self-aware. What struck me the most was some of the girls where so uninhabited and just loved what they were doing--they were not afraid to be themselves. Most of them realize they have this talent--music--and are going to do whatever it takes to play, sing and "rock out." FYI: This can mean many things--including screaming into the microphone, playing a guitar across the back of your neck, and drum solos, among other things.

The film is so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time!

It made me remember (as if I could forget) how hard it is to grow up and grow up being a girl. It is so hard to teach girls, especially in this day and age, how to remain true to themselves, not apologize for being who they are, and not to get caught up in the pressures. Actually, I still struggle myself. Anyway, I think it is limited theaters right now, but might expand, with popularity. Definitely check it out at Girls Rock.