Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here goes...

Saturday is race day! Wow, I can't believe it's almost here. I am terrified, excited, and nervous. I really don't know what to expect, and can only hope my training has paid off. This week has been a lot less training--taper--and quite honestly, I feel like crap--I can't sleep and I am more sore than ever! Weird. Though, I've read this is supposed to happen. As long as I feel refreshed by race day, I'll take the achy joints and sleeplessness.

I have been making lists upon lists of what I need for the swim, bike, and run, plus what I'll need for the 2 transitions--swim/bike and bike/run transitions. A lot of courses have one transition for all, so that this course has 2, makes it a little unique and makes planning that much more essential. I have my nutrition (drink mixes for water bottles, salt tablets, gels, Clif bars, bloks, chips) for the bike and run in labeled bags. It's well known that you shouldn't try anything new (food, clothing, shoes) on race day. So, I am sticking to what has worked in training. Plus, there is something called "special needs" bags, which may be filled with anything--food, drinks, etc--and are brought to other areas on the course, usually mid-course. I am going to put the foods I normally eat and then add a bag of chips, just in case I get sick of everything else, I'll have a "special" treat. It's supposed to be really hot on Saturday too, so I have to drink a lot on the bike and continue on the run.

I'll work tomorrow, finish packing, get out for a quick swim, clean, and then my parents arrive early evening! We'll eat dinner and then head up to the hotel. Friday, I'll check out the swim course, make sure my bike is in working order, pick up my race packet and check out the race expo, and hopefully, leave a lot of time for me to sit with my legs up and elevated, and go over any last minute details.

And then, Saturday is 'go' bright and early.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday Morning at the Farmer's Market

Yesterday morning, I decided I need a change of scenery, so I biked to the gym and began my run from there. I ran along the water, over the draw-bridge, around the Giants stadium, past downtown to North Beach. I even got a high-five from another runner! I headed back and had a quick swim. Afterward, I made my way to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market, ate yummy peaches, walked for a bit and took in the sights.


Yes, we have a retro rocket-ship in SF!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Recently I had the chance to catch Happy, a documentary on what makes people happy and the perception of happiness. This film studied and interviewed people--poor and rich, educated and not-- all over the world, asking them what makes them happy. Really, when it comes down to it, as the film shows, happiness is not having money or "things" or cars, actually quite the opposite. The Indian rickshaw driver is just as happy as the "average" American. He lives in a hut with 2 walls and hauls people around in the heat of India; yet, he is happy--he has a family and feels loved and valued in his village community.

Bhutan measures happiness instead of GDP, and has the one of the highest rates of "happy" people. Tokyo, on the other hand is the least happy place, mostly because people are working themselves to death--literally.

I walked away feeling hopeful, shameful, thankful, refreshed, and yes, happy. The film put my life into perspective. I get caught up in wanting more, thinking my life would be "better" if I had more, especially living here where people make as much per month as I do each year. Are those people happy? I don't know. As bad as things get (or my perception of "bad"), I have a pretty good life. I have people who love me, great friends, supportive family, freedom to make my own decisions, live where I choose, and importantly, I am employed. 

The reality is, happiness is relative and perception. The things that make us (or me at least) happy aren't things, usually, and don't cost a lot. 

My "happy" 
--Going to the Farmer's Market
--Drinking coffee with my parents
--Cycling with my friends
--A letter from my aunt
--Sunshine on my skin

Yes, those are happy and money can't buy them for me.

Check out the film. 

What's your happy?