Saturday, May 31, 2008

Beatrice Lake, May 2008

Dad, Greg, Mom, and Andrea

Sally, Ryan, Andrea, Greg, Kjersten, Andy, and Ruby

The cure for any ill...Beatrice Lake, MN

Mid-May I took a much-needed vacation and went home to Minnesota.

May 17th was my grandma's and her twin sister's 80th birthday. The gathering of friends and family was held at a cute Bed & Breakfast in Hibbing. Afterward, our family celebrated over Bimbo's wings, pizza and beer. Funny thing, my grandma's mother did not know she was having twins; only the doctor and my grandma's dad knew the secret. They chose not to tell my great-grandma because they did not want to "upset" her!! Alternatively, I think it would be quite upsetting to find out during childbirth. What another?!

When I came to CA, I did not think I would be staying for longer than a month (well...honestly, I secretly hoped I would!). I brought only 2 bags of belongings and left the rest in my apartment in Fargo. Now, the time had come to clean it out! When I went back to Fargo, things seemed the same; it was as though I had not been gone for 5 months. Despite my efforts to donate and throw away, I still have a lot of "stuff!" My dear dad drove to Fargo to help me move (again!). Don't mention to him how many times I have moved in the past 9 years and of those 8 (!) moves, how many times he has been's a sore subject! I shipped a few boxes out to CA and hauled the rest to my parents' house, much to their dismay. No, they will never get rid of me...well, maybe me, but not my stuff!!

It is easy to become acclimated to the rainy, yet very mild "winters" in CA, and it is very easy to forget Minnesota in January, February, March, and even April. However, I know I will miss Minnesota in the summer. I knew this when I decided to stay. I will miss my family's cabin the most. I am so lucky my family has this great retreat. When I was home, my family stayed there for the weekend. My cousins Sally and Andy and their friends Kjersten and Ryan met us and brought their kayaks. My brother has been kayaking a lot this spring with this crew, and he finally bought himself his own. Saturday, my dad and I brought them to Little Fork so they could "yak" or "kak" (as they call it) the St. Louis River. They returned 10 hours later sunburned and exhausted, but exhilarated.

I was able to relax and visit with family and many great friends...and if I can't be on a beach in Hawaii, a hot spring in Reykjavik, or hiking to Machu Piccho...what better place to be than Hibbing???!!!