Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Weekend Report

My brother came to SF the beginning of November. He hadn't been since August 2009, so I had a lot to show him.  We rented him a bike from Sports Basement and we explored the city.  We met my friends for happy hour at a fun German restaurant/bar, Suppenkuche, and the next morning for a spin around Paradise Loop.  Last time Greg came, I think we ate every meal at a taquaria in the Mission; this time, we expanded our horizons and neighborhoods.  I ran a 1/2 marathon on Sunday morning in the rain, which, of course, meant Greg had to watch it in the rain.  He was a good sport, though. 

Afterward we rented a car and headed south to watch a cyclo-cross race.  Greg commutes on a "cross" bike and follows and frequently attends races in MN.  The race was awesome!  The bikes, which look like road bikes, are fitted with a less intense version of mountain bike tires. Depending on the race, the riders circle the dirt course for anywhere between 45-60 minutes, and the winner is determined by the most laps. There are "obstacles" the riders must dismount, jump over while carrying their bikes, or they can stay on their bike and jump (which, the spectators prefer!).  There are hills, 90-turns, roots, and a lot of dirt!  It was so fun to watch; I am sure it is even more fun to race! 

The weekend went so quickly and before I knew it Monday morning arrived and I had to drive GC to the airport

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Andrea & Maggie's Birthday Ride

Last weekend, it was my turn to plan the birthday ride. Lucky for me, Mags shares the same birthday month, so we had double the fun!  I thought it'd be funny for us to wear fake mustaches, which lasted for all of about 20 minutes due to sweat and hydration needs.  We tried to act "normal" when we saw other bikers, but the reactions we got were hilarious.  There is nothing "normal" about 6 women wearing mustaches.  My brother was out for the weekend, and being a good sport, participated in the fun.  His mustache was white, so it contrasted nicely with his reddish beard.

Pre-ride meeting spot:  No"Shave"ember