Monday, May 24, 2010

According to Albert Einstein...

"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bay to Breakers

This past Saturday was Bay to Breakers (99th annual!), the crazy 12K run/walk that spans the entire width of the city (east to west), ending in Golden Gate Park. This was my first encounter with the race. I might add right here that while many people do treat this somewhat seriously and run or walk, the majority treat this as a 7.65-mile party. I liken it to Halloween in May. The costumes were clever, shocking, lacking :), themed, and even odd (to put it nicely). There are groups that dress as lifeguards, Tetris, 80's workout queens, guerrillas, Confederate soldiers--you name it, it was probably represented!

A good friend's Bachelorette party was the night before B2B, so in light of continuing the celebration, we appropriately got my friend a wedding "gown" from a local thrift store...I am sure it was quite lovely in the day. This gown was full-sleeve, scratchy, yellowed, and a little smelly, but absolutely perfect! Because misery loves company, we all decided to dress as "bridesmaids" and wear equally as horrible dresses. Trust me, there are plenty to choose from at the thrift store! Mine was yellow with a doily-overlay. Absolutely stunning! :) It was a little chilly, so we had to wear layers and jackets, making us quite the sight! While we did not partake in the "craziness" of the day, we had just as much fun people-watching and probably felt better Monday morning!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bike to Work Day

Thursday was Bike to Work Day in San Francisco. Funny thing is that since I don't have a car, everyday is "B2WD!" Now that I work from home, all I have to do is shuffle 2 feet to my desk! I made an extra effort to get out on my bike on Thursday, nonetheless.

The San Francisco Bike Coalition is an amazingly progressive, hard-working group of individuals who somehow have managed to work with the bikers, the politicians, and the city folks to find common ground. Their ability to organize the masses, provide feedback to City Hall, and create public awareness is astounding. On one particular intersection in the city, on The Wiggle, there is a "bike signal"-like an arrow or a "walk signal" that when green, allows bikers to proceed--so cool! Bike lanes and wide street lanes allow bikers to whiz through the city. Don't get me wrong, I know there are bikers who abuse the rules--zig-zagging through cars, running lights and signs--just like anything, I guess, and give other bikers a bad name. Likewise there are car drivers who are unaware of bikers either intentionally or unintentionally. Overall, I have to say, bikers and car drivers coexist pretty well in the city.

So back to Thursday...I held a bootcamp for a few of my friends in Golden Gate Park. Naturally, I rode my bike the 3 miles to get there (yes, on the Wiggle!). Along the way, I stopped at one of the many city-wide Energizer Stations set up specifically for Ride to Work Day. I paid my yearly membership dues to the SF Bike Coalition, got a juice and a canvas tote (not that I need another!) and I was on my way!

I challenge everyone to bike to work, the store, the park, to a friend's house. Just start small--once per week. Yes, sometimes, it take a little extra planning--logistically and materially! You'll save aggravation of fighting traffic and finding parking, which on a bike is relatively easy--any bike rack or street sign. Plus it is almost summer and there is more daylight and it is a great way to get outside.

Bike Gear suggestions:
Water bottle
Baby/body wipes and/or baby powder if you can't shower
Bike rack, basket, pannier saddle bags to carry gear