Sunday, April 19, 2009


So, while I have been diligently training for my upcoming triathlon--running, biking, swimming. The only swimming I have only been doing has been in a pool, despite repeated "warnings" that I needed to get into open water! I really like the safety of the pool--being able to see the bottom, the lane markers, the other swimmers, and of course, the lifeguard! But, last Saturday, I finally squished myself into a wetsuit--it is a workout in itself to get into it--and swam at Aquatic Park in the Bay. It was so, so cold--but the suit, 2 swim caps, and ear plugs did help!

It was all I could do to concentrate on my breathing, staying warm, and the next buoy and not think about the fact there might be sharks or jellyfish in the water! My tri is the first weekend of May about 4 hours from here, and the swim is in a lake. I won't have to worry about Jaws attacking me during the race (only a freshwater shark, I guess!:) ), I only have to worry about getting kicked in the face or being swum over by one of the other racers....I don't know what is worse...!